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End of 2016, we talked to top 100 tech products of the 2016

Here a whole series of other chroniclers of computer hardware – competitors and colleagues alike — about the trends that have dominated the year and bleeding in 2017. The discussion would inevitably turn to one thing: 2016 was somehow different. Very different. Maybe even a turning point dar, the kind of personal tech.

End of 2016, we talked to top 100 tech products of the 2016

It was not just the relentless pace of hardware versions, booted in the first quarter of this year, and never let up. (Though the part of it.) It was not only the emergence of radical technology as PC-based virtual reality, such as in the making, as it is and as elite, the access and the current rates. (This is a note, also.) It was the democratization of the cheap tech with the normalization that ‘good enough’ cheap laptops, but not even PC components, can a hollowed-out market for tablets and very good, moderate prices not Smartphone unlocked.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

It’s all that and more.

2016 was a year in which these trends began as a snowball, the two avalanches of innovation and price pressure has become. Tech, which five years ago seemed incredibly cheap? Now it is a matter of course. A groundbreaking new technology – VR – on the verge of hitting consumer price points, and it may well turn out to be the biggest gap (pun intended) computing firmament since the advent of the Web. And this is augmented reality let alone by his half-brother, or AR AR has the potential to even bigger for everyday use and in scenarios, productivity, layering of digital data on your real work area or the world through devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and its possible competitors.

Acer Switch Alpha 12

And in the great middle of the market, PC makers and their supporting roles were refine and iconic products – newly published, to the point, where determined more nuanced art than ever before is always the best of the best,.

This is where we inch

Computer shoppers hundreds of high-calibre technology products each year come reviews – not too much under the radar to mention candidates. At the end of each year views below, we the best we selected by category awards bash, have seen in this blowout. (Technically it is the best what we the full list of prize winners saw from 1 December 2015 to 30 November 2016; for more information on our selection criteria, see.) Our top 100 is the best tech, we tested this year – and that can you still buy that.

What was 2016…

First, but let us pontificate a little. What was 2016 in the individual data processing?

As 2015 year beat data e-business, technology companies hurt – even political campaigns – was big news. The cyber security gold rush is on. Drones, wearables, and IoT devices continue to progress, although they remain minded instead of mainstream articles to an extent, enthusiast. (No single portable, seized for an opinion, even Apple and Apple watches not did it, for this market lights.) Below where our readers every day laptops, backup drives, printers and the like, stand on the ground, but 2016 apart from different reasons.

Samsung SSD 960 Pro

Windows 10 in its first full year of life, had its share of Rocky places, but Microsoft credit for quelling restraint is much turmoil – and some of the buyers – brought the controversial Windows 8 with. And that, in turn, a public PC total market brought some signs of life. In addition, the wild price reductions end of 2015 in some categories are computer now 2016 new normality, with – for example – some in the location enough Windows laptops Chromebook fight it out under $250, and many very capable multifunction printer camped around the $100 stake post.

At the upper end of the price/performance ratio in PC graphics from the established scale, thanks to stellar 2016 went graphics chip publications by NVIDIA and AMD in the desktop PC and laptop spheres. And the leader of the usual buzz, Apple, saw a year only incremental improvements, its lines of laptops, tablets and Smartphones, not the usual storm of the blockbuster movie “follow me!”. Even his new invention of the Apple MacBook Pro, while not rags was more conservative than we had expected. (A big question for 2017: Will Apple get its groove back?)

So, on our list. Although our top 100 products cut range and large from student budget Chromebook and wide, multi-kilobuck gaming PC-towers to the best digital cameras, the best of the tech this year to a few general trends… 

Dell XPS 13

LAPTOPS AND 2 – IN 1S ARE NOW DYNASTIES. in the year 2016, we saw less actual new lines of laptops and hybrids. Lately, the approach of the majority was large manufacturers to refine and existing to re-release. Check out our laptop of the year, the Dell XPS 13, was relentlessly tweaked and improved for years in 2016, with new “Kaby Lake” 7th generation Intel chips, gold housing options and a bigger battery. We see the same phenomenon with Lenovo ThinkPad and yoga equipment, as well as HP EliteBook, envy and spectre lines.

It is a well-known brand that has fallen off, but the Toshiba Satellite line (including its satellite RADIUS convertibles). 2016, the Japanese giant of the U.S. consumer laptop market saw withdraw, although still his fingers in Office machines, with its venerable Portege and Tecra’s lines.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1000 Series

DISRUPTORS: 2016-GRAPHICS CHIPS. 2015 was the year that first it was possible to create a single graphic card in a desktop PC and play new, AAA class PC games with 4 K resolution with all details turned up. We saw more progress “Pascal” cards, in particular the GeForce GTX 1080 and titanium X 16 with NVIDIA’s incredibly powerful high-end. But the big story is democratizing access to virtual reality – thanks to killer $200 – to-$250 graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA and the extraordinary progress on cheap gaming at 1080 p.

The latter is particularly shocking. Today it just along a beautiful 24-inch 1080 p LCD monitor and a 1080 p-capable graphics card for desktop PC users, hook, for less than $250 thinking mind: a year ago a good 1080 p-capable graphic card such as GeForce GTX 960 alone cost to.

Amazon Fire HD 8

IT’S OFFICIAL: WE HIT “PEAK TABLET.” a brief history of the tablets (so far): in the beginning – 2010 – there’s the iPad. Then hurried Android Tablet manufacturers use a searing market. Amazon have in the game, too. Prices fell on everything (except on iPads, of course). Anyone who wanted to had purchased a Tablet, then slows down things – big time. Cue-2017.

In fact a lean, slim year for search 2016 was for innovation in Android and iOS-tablets. The action was in the 2-in-1-Windows PCs with a SideShow Amazon price WarGames play always cheaper Amazon fire tablets as on ramps, to sell his business and services. (See our best budget Tablet Amazon fire HD 8. top 100 winners for the year 2016)  Apple seemed to take a year out of the iPad, a few price optimizations (the iPad air 2 is $399 now new in its base-model) with a strong focus on its 2015 Apple iPad Pro. Samsung and Lenovo are just their Android maintain lines in any big way two big names. The stand alone Windows Tablet is now mostly dead, by “Tablet-First” clones of the Microsoft surface Pro and removable or rotatable 2-in-1 devices replaced.

Intel Extreme Edition in Maingear PC

THE CPU BUSINESS: “KABY LAKE” AND 10-CORE CHIPS… BUT THE EFFICIENCY REMAINS KING. thanks to the wild expensive (about $1,700!) Prices for Intel’s 10-core core i7-6950 X extreme Edition, over-the-top power chips have become more of a niche. At the far other end of the market, meanwhile, Intel’s 7th generation “Kaby Lake” notebook CPUs minor performance gains, mostly made by ticking the clock rates compared to their predecessors 6th generation “Skylake”. The focus on energy efficiency, with a few light notebooks was

But the main story CPU in 2016 and convertibles can reach at least 14 hours battery life in our tests. AMD was more or less absent from the conversation with small iterative updates to their existing graphics toTing APU lines and the promised “Zen” architecture appeared on the road to 2017.

PRINTER: INK WARS NOW a COLD WAR.  2015 saw the emergence of the “new colour”: radical new approaches to sell inkjet ink by HP (via instant ink, a mail-order subscription service) and Epson (with his “Super Tanker” mass-ink EcoTank printer). Now, in the year 2016, the brother joined the Party (his “INKvestment” printer now have a wide range of cartridges in the field), while Canon seems to stay out of this struggle together.

On the laser side of the aisle proposed takeover of Samsung laser printer HP consolidates business this stolid market even more, with unknown effects on the printer vendors such as Dell, the Samsung depend, for the production of specific models. And HP down mid-on third-party ink over his Office Jet can crack line (and the resulting hue and cry from users) wars against the other alleged enemy signal a new hard-line approach in the ink.

HTC Vive

VIVE & RIFT: VR GETS REAL.  virtual reality (VR) a great driver tech was headlines in the year 2016. And behind closed doors, it was also the source of tech-related fun, whether the experience was powered by HTC Vive or competing oculus rift. Dabeigestanden while always his immersive motion controller on the market some the Vive the Vive who could deliver better option for VR games through most of the year months before oculus of his competing touch controller.

Meanwhile, Samsung gear VR and Google’s Daydream VR offered lower cost VR offers you options already had a compatible Smartphone. And $299 VR and AR headsets have in 2017 by the likes of HP, Dell and ASUS have been promised. This should bring more consumers virtual and mixed reality. And then, of course, Microsoft is still his HoloLens Development Kit slide that you want to help, these devices about gaming and virtual tour experiences in the direction of productivity applications move about digital overlays of Windows software on real work areas. Were you always an endless amount of monitor color space? This can become (virtual) in the coming years.

Crucial MX300

THE RISE OF REALLY CHEAP SSDs (THANKS, TLC). today’s typical solid state drive (SSD) is not nearly as cheap at cost-per-gigabyte basis as each disk rotates. But 2016 saw the increased use of SSD manufacturers by triple level cell (TLC) memory modules, which lowered the prices for these important upgrades. TLC technology can more data per cell, reduces the cost of production and allows higher data density in a module stored.

In addition, TLC has rise 3D coincided with the layering technology, SSD Flash memory “stacked” in height and connected with each other can be. Together these two technologies SSD prices and made increasing single SSD lowered capacity. (See for example our winner for the best high-end-solid-state-drive 4 TB Samsung SSD 850 EVO used TLC and 3D stacks,.) Key players such as Samsung, Micron/crucial and Toshiba have adopted TLC in budget SSDs, and 240 GB-TA – we are now in the area 250 GB hard drive for less than $100 and some 500 GB models to only a little more than to see that. (And tease: within a few years, we see the introduction of QLC, or quad-level cell, memory, go this capacity and price movements could keep in the right direction.)

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