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Razer DeathAdder elite review

The Razer DeathAdder often regarded as one of the best gaming mice it was already formed there in 2006. Over the years, there were a few iterations, Razer is focused on incremental upgrades without changing makes the DeathAdder by so many loved.

Razer DeathAdder elite reviewRazer DeathAdder elite review

The update in the form of the DeathAdder elite came for his tenth birthday. The mouse keeps the same comfortable and ergonomic design, inside and out, familiar to everyone especially endurance with a few improvements.

The elite is about 5 inches long, 1.7 inches tall and 2.7 inches at its widest. With a weight of 105 grams, it is one of the lightest mice by its size and is a good fit for a wide range of hand sizes and grips. While it is settled as a gaming mouse, its simple and effective design makes it suitable for any type of user.

Razer DeathAdder elite review

This is a direct replacement for the DeathAdder chroma, that was a few years ago, DPI sensor, accuracy and a few additional keys of modest upgrades bring published. 

Design and functions

Razer has not changed the overall shape of the mouse: it has the same classic scooped body, two oversized thumb buttons, and its sides are slightly diagonally inside along with the structured rubber pads offer a beautiful and safe grip. The DeathAdder has a nice low-profile, which handle should sit comfortably handle or a Palm with a claw, and the smooth matte plastic surface feels nice in the hand.

Buttons: The elite has two more (DPI) as the previous Gen chroma for a total of 7 buttons.

At the left and right buttons have fine grooves for the finger rest, which not only comfort, but also with quick lateral movements. They offer fast actuating times and a satisfying click. Razer worked with Omron to the elite mechanical switches and claims that they “be tweaked the fastest response times for gaming and for longer shelf life up to 50 million clicks”

Longevity is here especially important given the DeathAdder mixed track record in that Department–it has a preference for the registration of several irregularly double clicks after a few months of use. Given we are fans of DeathAdder at TechSpot, use it to three people in the Office and we have bought nearly a dozen of them in the past 5 + years. A part of those were used by their life expectancy but three failed on us, although still relatively new. The last element, a chroma model died at us after 6 months of intensive use. Hopefully that will be new switches make this the past

On the two side buttons move you are essentially unchanged from the chroma: big and easy, to get with good tactile and audible click. You are styled with a slight curve on the structured pad located near the bottom of the mouse, and subtle texture according to the overall draft position.


The scroll wheel was slightly revised and offers now a few tiny rough nubs on its surface for more feel. The click mechanism of the wheel must not much travel and there’s not much tension on the scroll steps that I actually like. It is suitable for games and surfing.

Only immediately visible change is the addition of two buttons right below the scroll wheel. So you can switch between DPI settings on the fly, a much requested feature for gamers that the flexibility of a lower setting for “sniping” accuracy for fast action to jump higher need. The DPI switching buttons have a soft press and are usually out of the way but easy to reach, if necessary.

All seven buttons can be programmed, to something, do the use of Razer Synapse software. The lower part of the elite has two oversized Teflon feet above and below the brand new “5 G optical sensor” with a DPI range, extends from 100 DPI all the way up and up to 16,000 in 100 DPI increments and 99.4 percent resolution accuracy and tracking speed of 450 inches per second. 

I asked the technical equipment, these numbers on the sample, but I can tell you the DeathAdder elite delivers exceptional tracking and consistent ability to react at any speed. There are no unusual jitter, no angle align, as far as I can tell, and no skip.

The mouse glides very well and about 105 g – about the same size as the Logitech G900 is relatively easy for its spectrum and much chaos lighter than the 145 g Logitech G502 Proteus core.

The braided cable is about 7 feet long and ends with a gold gold plated USB connector. It is not on the way and actually feels softer and more flexible than that of its predecessor you is safe, is not caught and smooth gaming sessions can not enjoy that it was a problem with the chroma.

Razer chroma RGB LED lighting system looks nice and is not sticky, yet it screams gamer . Can light comes from the scroll wheel and logo on the back and be configured to 16.8 million different colors, as well as synchronized with other Razer gear (keyboard, headphones) with chroma backlight.

Software all Razer mice work like Plug -and-play devices, i.e.. You need to install not the accompanying Synapse software, before you with the elite. The mouse tries no installation for the first time, that it is either connected to your PC. However, if in customizing elite interested in every aspect of the DeathAdder you easy to use Razer Synapse.

There is a tab for macros and another simply titled ‘Mouse click’, which contains sections, where you associate different actions for each button, profiles and link them to specific games or applications, the chroma-RGB LED lighting, stages, polling, speed and Acceleration, configure the mouse sensitivity configure to calibrate the mouse for the various surfaces, to track statistics , and tinker with all sorts of other settings. Razer Synapse supports also automatic profiles software tied to certain games. Tinstead of internal memory DeathAdder elite saves all your settings in the cloud, so you they can access at any time from anywhere – as long as you have access to an Internet connection. 

The total Synapse is solid and feature rich, but also peppered with a few, as the fact that you are forced, an account and login to create the mouse to configure bad habits, even if you worry about sync. The software is frequently updated and it used to reboot of the computer after each update, but it seems that this nuisance has taken care of now which is great.  

Conclusion that there is a reason the Razer DeathAdder series has largely remained the same over the years. The contoured design fits comfortably in the hand and offers enough features for experienced gamers without going overboard. The DeathAdder elite builds this reputation while bringing some modest upgrades to its sensor, new offices, two new buttons and other minor changes.

Razer DeathAdder elite is a great gaming mouse, phenomenal for everyday to work. Priced at $70, it is not cheap, but offers a good value for money against direct competitors such as the Mionix G502 Proteus core, castor (similar layout, built in memory), and the Logitech that is a good alternative if you prefer and more keys need a stronger mouse.

Pros: best-in-class ergonomics. On-the-fly DPI switching. The buttons are large and accessible. New mechanical switches. Chroma lighting looks good, is customizable.

Cons: any onboard storage. No DPI display. Synapse requires that you log customs

Find more at: Tech Cuber


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